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Why does your product need Machine Learning and AI? Build AI in 5mins!

Machine Learning

Why does your product need Machine Learning and AI? Build AI in 5mins!


Machine learning has definitely been one of the most talked about topic in recent years, and for a good reason. World is moving towards Building Smarter Products and Automating boring processes

Reasons to use Machine Learning

  1. It's time to buckle up and make Machine Learning a reality! Not just a slide in your Marketing Slide.
  2. Build better products than your competitors. Go 10 steps ahead. Grow.
  3. Save millions of dollars on old-school processes that can be easily automated.
  4. Enhance Customer Experience
  5. Reduce "Marketing Waste". Get real customers.
  6. Prediction, Recommendation, Personalization!
  7. and so much more.

FutureAPI is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence API as a Service. You can build smarter products in less than 5 minutes. Signup for FREE to explore.
You can go from an IDEA to PRODUCTION 90% faster!

How do you get started?

Know what problem you are solving

Like anything else, product and AI strategy starts with a problem. Brainstorm and know what are the problems that you would want to solve using ML.
Are you not able to identify the problem or want help in figuring it out?
Talk to us - contact@futureapi.com

We have over 100+ use cases for various industries be it - E-commerce, Media, Apps, Websites, SaaS, Enterprises, Augmented Reality etc.,

Top 5 Machine Learning Usecases

Computer Vision

Problems related to detecting objects in images, recognising entities, identifying people, video object detection, manipulating images etc., can be solved using Computer Vision.

Some useful features that can be applied to Images and Videos -Automatic Tagging; Classification based on - location, context, entities; Personalize Shopping; Moderation of content and Parental control; Visual Search; Document Classification; Context Generation; Image Based Search; Boosting AR experiences; and a lot more.

Text - Natural Language Processing and Understanding

Problems related to analyzing sentiment and extracting information and entities, building recommendation systems, topic modelling, parts of speech detection, understanding context of text, hate speech detection etc.,

Some useful features that can be applied to Text - Social media monitoring; Know what customers are saying about you on Twitter process and classify support tickets, online chats, phone calls, and emails by sentiment; Customer feedback analysis; Brand monitoring; Product launch analysis; Hate Speech prevention in comments of websites/apps; Increasing Customer Satisfaction and a lot more.

Video and Audio Translation

Problems related to increasing reach of your videos or podcasts, launch product globally, Instagram or YouTube influencer increasing revenue, Education availabe in many languages, etc.,

Some useful usecases - Media Translation - Ted Talks or vLogs or BBC TV or CNN, Youtube or Instagram or Podcast creator having a channel? Want to reach a wider audience? Targeted Advertising Locally and lot more.

Recommender systems

Problems related to increasing reach, imrpoving user retention, increasing sales etc.,

Every company can benefit from a good personalized recommender system. Build the one's like - YouTube, Amazon and Netflix. This is the classic problem of based on what a customer uses, buys, likes, views, and intent etc., This applies to commerce, to content, and to social products.

Predictive systems

Problems related to analyzing historical data to predict future outcomes etc.,

Some useful usecases - predicting football match outcomes, medical decisions, companies future decisions, Financial Analysis, any time series related problem where you have to predict a future value.

FutureAPI provides advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning API's which you can use to enhance your product and automate pipelines in less than 5mins.


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